The 2011 Silicon Bayou 100: Alphabetical

The Silicon Bayou 100 Release Party was a huge success last night. Thank you to all who were able to make it out to celebrate the efforts of those involved in our nationally recognized entrepreneurial movement.

During the event we unveiled the alphabetical listing of the 2011 Silicon Bayou 100. We also sent the alphabetical list to our newsletter subscribers.

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Over the next two weeks, we will be posting the actual ranking in posts of 10 at a time with more details about the individuals, their efforts, and how to find them elsewhere on the web. We will start this afternoon by posting 91-100, but here is the alphabetical list one more time for those of you who missed it last night:

  • Elliott Adams
  • Pike Barkerding
  • John Barnette
  • Taylor Beery
  • Kyle Berner
  • John Besh
  • Peter Bodenheimer
  • Jude Boudreaux
  • Chris Boudy
  • Drew Brees
  • Justin Brownhill
  • Shawn Burst
  • Xavier Cabo
  • Matthew Candler
  • Team Capdeville
  • Benjamin Cappiello
  • Phyllis Cassidy
  • Andrea Chen
  • Kirk Coco
  • McKenzie Coco
  • Crawford Comeaux
  • Patrick Comer
  • Barrett Conrad
  • Craig Cordes
  • Tom Cox
  • David Crais
  • Randy Crochet
  • Charles Easterling
  • Joe Ellis
  • John Elstrott
  • Brendan Finke
  • Tom Fischmann
  • Mark Goodman
  • Mark Graffagnini
  • Aaron Grant
  • Conrad Green
  • Chonchol Gupta
  • Blake Haney
  • Keith Hanson
  • Ken Hanson
  • Megan Hargroder
  • Michael Hecht
  • Ross Hinkle
  • Paul Hoeper
  • Douglas Jacobs
  • Leslie Jacobs
  • Ben Jacobson
  • Jay Jayakrishnan
  • Kyle Johnston
  • Terry Jones
  • Will Kethman
  • Shuchi Khurana
  • Alyson Kilday
  • Kerry Kirby
  • Zach Kupperman
  • Chris Laibe
  • Damien Lamanna
  • Antonio LaMartina
  • Sal LaMartina
  • Andrew Larimer
  • Ben Lavender
  • Austin Lavin
  • Jeff Leach
  • Robert Leblanc
  • Logan Leger
  • Jared Loftus
  • Stephen Loy
  • Jeffrey Lyons
  • Nicky Mast
  • Brent McCrossen
  • Joe McMenemon
  • Jennifer Medbery
  • Rod Miller
  • Liz Money
  • Richard Montgomery
  • Kenny Nguyen
  • Brent Nycum
  • Chad Ortte
  • Wendy Overton
  • Nic Perkin
  • Dale Pfost
  • Kenneth Purcell
  • Jameson Quave
  • Erich Rapp
  • Benjamin Reece
  • Court Robinson
  • Jarett Rodriguez
  • Darrell Roth
  • Chris Schultz
  • Will Scott
  • Liz Shephard
  • Matt Shwery
  • Sean Simone
  • Tiffany Starnes
  • Neel Sus
  • Barre Tanguis
  • Adele Tiblier
  • Sydney Torres
  • Matt Tritico
  • Hugh Uhalt
  • Shlok Vaidya
  • Katie Vandyk
  • Robbie Vitrano
  • Anselm von Seherr-Thoss
  • Czarina Walker
  • Doug Walner
  • Clayton White
  • Jessica White
  • Tim Williamson
  • Matt Wisdom
  • Matthew Wolfe

These 111 individuals (some are on the list in teams of 2 or 3) were nominated and selected for the 2011 Silicon Bayou 100 for their efforts over the past year in growing their own companies, supporting the companies of others, and being outstanding ambassadors representing the Silicon Bayou around the world.

Stay tuned for more on the nomination/judging process and for the follow-up posts with the detailed ranked listings.

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  • Troll

    Why are these people being ranked? Seems like a popularity content. This site has been around for what, 6 months? And it has the insight to rank these nominated people from #1 to #100??

    Quit while you’re ahead and just post the 100 who made it…

    • Hi there. Thanks for visiting Silicon Bayou News and checking out the list. The ranking is a way to recognize the people working the hardest to make Louisiana a better place to live and work through technology and entrepreneurship. Check out this post about how the list was created:…

  • Guest

    Wow. Looks like alot of people who haven’t actually done anything. Throw in some friends, family and a couple of local celebs and you’ve got a whole lot of nothing. Completely useless.

    • Hey now. Some of us have done many things. Similar to you. You have done many things. Just the other day I drove by your new Troll hut. It was very nice. Such a nice Troll hut to have when most of your time you are not there but busy Trolling. Congrats on that.

    • Hi there. Thanks for visiting Silicon Bayou News and checking out the list. If you are concerned about the names on the list, we encourage you to nominate who you think should be on it next year. In the meantime, check out this post about how the list was created:

  • We had a great time last night and are honored to have a name in the list. SBN rocks!

  • bholli

    It’s pretty inspiring to see the ever-growing tech influence in this area.  Keep up the good work!

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  • Guest

    I bet Drew Brees feels honored to be amongst these other 99 

  • This list is missing Chris Trew! 

    • I agree. Nominate him next year!

      • If I had known about the nominations I would have nominated Chris Trew and a lot of other people.

        It seems the list got more press than the nomination process, because I hadn’t heard about it at all until yesterday.

        Next year!

  • Fleur-de-E

    Looks like the CBD-Capdeville crowd created another contest to honor themselves and their friends! The pity is that the companies actually innovating never seem to get invited to the cool kids’ party. Where is any online media representation? Lens, NoDef, Uptown Mess? Where are the bloggers who spoke for us after the storm and still do? Where are the arts resources? Even if you don’t like Gisleson Palmer, at least throw on Anne Gisleson!
    Real people actually use these resources not the masturbatory startups funded by dirty Goldman money found at your clubhouse.

    • Guest

      Ha! The most true statement on this board.

    • Guest

      Yeah you right. It’s sad. They decided it was a priority to put Capdeville, their hangout after a hard day producing nothing, on the list. Big tech innovation cooking burgers! I guess they only had so many friends to fellate.

    • Random Coward

      What media? Who cares about being the murder capital of the country when you can razzle dazzle CityBusiness because your web app works on you iphone? 

    • I’ve come to realize that the squeaky wheel always gets the grease. These aren’t the only people in NOLA doing anything, but they are the ones with the biggest voice on twitter, other media outlets, etc.

      The reality is that the Idea Village/Launch Pad clique know the right people to send press releases to, therefore they get the most press whenever any of them do something, no matter how trivial it might be. They’ve got more financial backing, and that’s why everyone knows their name.

      NOLA is all about who you know, and that probably won’t ever change. Better to just “keep on keeping on” I always say. 

      Don’t let it get to you.

    • Where were you when we were taking nominations? Hope you participate in the next round!

  • Guest

    write a script so next years is easier: 

    1-scrape names from the sites of launch pad, idea village, tulane ent or any of the local “investor” groups

    2-match against frothy write ups in local news and pr

    3-highest # of mentions make the list

    4-rank based on whose rear sbn needs to kiss the most (this will involve substantial ai or could be hand coded)

    5-add drew brees

  • Guest

    Great to see so many folks from Baton Rouge on the list. They’ve definitely had more going on in BR this year with SeNSE, BREW, RIO, etc.

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  • Who were the judges for this list of 100?

    • Maybe second time is the charm…who were the judges for this list?

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  • SuperNOLA

    Seriously, if you are doing anything substantial in NOLA, you are part of the Idea Village team. If you’re not, and you are doing something amazing – then you will be part of it soon!

    • I’m going to go ahead and give you a big fat thumbs down on that one, buster. Idea Village is one group of entrepreneurs out of many groups of entrepreneurs in New Orleans. 

      Idea Village is certainly not the only group of talented people doing great things in this city, and the fact that you think that says a lot about you and the group you are a part of. 

  • Guest

    Where is the countdown?

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