A “New” New Orleans

7 years ago

This is a guest post by recent transplant Wesley Gottesman. Wesley is originally from Austin but moved down here earlier this year and now works at the Idea Village. ————————————— ...

Protecting Your Ideas

7 years ago

Last week, I spoke with a client who had discussed the new book she was working on with a “friend.” That friend then took the idea, and discussed it ...

Launch Fest Lacks Ladies of Launchpad

7 years ago

I had my first Launch Fest experience this year, and I am happy to report that it was packed with energy, inspiration, and awesomeness! My one gripe: there were ...

5 Tools Small Businesses Love

7 years ago

This is a guest post by Kenny Nguyen, CEO/Founder of Big Fish Presentations, a company famous for designing rockstar slideshows, hosting presentation workshops, and producing commercial video.  He frequently ...


More on the JOBS Act: Crowdfund Your Next Round

7 years ago

This is a guest post by Genevieve Silverman, Director of Finance at the Louisiana Technology Park in Baton Rouge. ———————————– President Obama recently signed legislation known as the Jumpstart Our ...


Diversity Takes Center Stage on the Bayou

7 years ago

  Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor. –       William Cowper, The Timepiece The famous quote above was published by William Cowper in 1785. ...


More on Trademarks

7 years ago

In my last post, I tried to explain the difference between the standard character format and the stylized design format of trademarks. Once you’ve done that, you need to ...