New Orleans Entrepreneur Benardett K. Jno-Finn Wins Statewide Award

Benardett K. Jno-Finn, owner of Sénica, LLC is the winner of the 2011 Small Business Administration (SBA) Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the State of Louisiana.  Senica sells quality natural products for bath, body, hair and home.
“I was surprised and humbled when I found out I received this award. There are so many young entrepreneurs with viable businesses that will help sustain their communities, I’m truly honored to be among them and the one who was chosen to receive this distinction,” said Jno-Finn.

The award recognizes entrepreneurs under the age of 30 who demonstrate entrepreneurial potential necessary for long-term business success and economic growth, utilize innovative or creative business methods and serve as a majority owner and operator or bear principal responsibility for operating a small business with a three year track record.

Founded in 2007, Sénica is a New Orleans-based company whose mission is to promote a holistic approach to health, beauty, wellness and restoration by providing quality natural products for bath, body, hair and home. Product offerings are complimented by resources that link nutrition and a healthy lifestyle as integral parts of achieving natural beauty. Sénica has won several notable awards and has begun to garner a solid reputation on local and national levels. Most recently, the Company was featured at the 2010 Miss Universe Gifting Suite.  For more information on the company, please visit

National Small Business Week 2011 will be celebrated the week of May 15, 2011. During this week, Ms. Jno-Finn along with seven other SBA business champions will be honored at a reception at the Governor’s Mansion and a local luncheon.

Good luck Benardett!