Blade Studios Opens in Shreveport

BLADE Studios, the full-service sound recording studio in Shreveport, opened its doors this month.  BLADE is a full service studio featuring studio rental, music production and engineer services, post production facilities, rehearsal spaces, and film audio services including ADR, Foley and scoring.

The studio’s founder, Brady Blade, Jr., says that the studio is “on par with any sound recording studio in the world.”

The 7,500-square-foot facility boasts all the latest high-tech equipment, offices, lounging areas, a full kitchen and two recording studios soundproofed with 2,000 pieces of sheetrock.   The building is a fortified modern structure that includes heightened security for our artists and producers and numerous redundant electrical and HVAC systems so that no project is interrupted.   Each sound studio is packed with new and vintage gear, and vintage instruments and amps are available to artists in the tracking rooms.

Through the Louisiana Entertainment Incentive Program, Louisiana sound recording projects can earn a 25% cash rebate on money spent in Louisiana to complete the recording project. Rebates are available on a number of services. Film audio recording projects earn a 35% cash rebate.

These refundable tax credits are based on total in-state expenditures related to the production of a sound recording.

A refundable tax credit is similar to a direct rebate: the total amount of tax credits earned is paid by the state as a rebate to qualifying participants.

The project must spend at least $15,000 in Louisiana within a 12 month period and provide advance notice of intent to apply for the Sound Recording incentive.

BLADE Studios
2031 Kings Highway
Shreveport, Louisiana 71103 USA
Phone: 318.213.0777