Baton Rouge Entrepreneur Wins Ticket to Big Omaha

Baton Rouge entrepreneur Wendy Overton, the organizer of the incredibly successful Baton Rouge Startup Weekend (and *hopefully* soon to be SBN Baton Rouge Editor), is headed to  Nebraska after winning a ticket to Big Omaha, the sold-out conference on innovation and entrepreneurship to be held May 11 – 13, 2011, put on by our friends at Silicon Prairie News.

Overton was one of more than 60 entrepreneurs who entered the Big Omaha “Express Your Pledge” competition, sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.   Entrepreneurs were invited to read the Foundation’s “Entrepreneur’s Pledge,” and express what it means to them and ways they could do a better job fulfilling it.

Overton’s entry:

I am an entrepreneur. Baton Rouge is my startup. I’m a catalyst and a connector. I take responsibility for my own destiny and am working to help others to do the same. Last fall I set forth to bring Startup Weekend to Baton Rouge and in doing so I began to realize a path to ignite entrepreneurism in Louisiana’s capital, and I am boldly embarking on that path by creating a series of grassroots events, organizations and activities designed to build an innovative culture.

It inspires me to think my work has both changed and will change lives and the economy of this region. I will fulfill the Entrepreneur’s Pledge by taking action to bring bold social ideas to reality. My destiny is the same as any true-blooded entrepreneur – to disrupt entropy, be the first to market, change the game, embrace being different than the masses, inspire others … and find fulfillment. The more “disruptive” the activities and events I initiate, the greater the likelihood I, and others who join me, can impact and inspire the capitol region. I will reach out to fellow entrepreneurs, actively engaging them to support inspiring and action-oriented events and activities. I will make connections to strengthen the fabric of our entrepreneurial community and let the magic of purpose-driven human interaction create new momentum. I will build a stronger America by no longer sitting idly by. Rather, I will step forward with boldness. It is often a perilous venture to stand up and stand out, but in surveying the desperate needs of this state, it is a risk well worth taking. As for me taking the risk – taking action is the first reward. I am proud to be a social entrepreneur.

Will you take the pledge?

The Entrepreneur’s Pledge:

I am an Entrepreneur.

I am following a dream, pursuing an opportunity, taking charge of my own destiny.

I am bringing something of value to society, making a job for myself and for others, and creating wealth that benefits my family, my community, my country, my world.

I am one of a movement of millions of entrepreneurs and innovators who made America great, and who will continue to keep our economy going…and growing.

I am what I am because many people have helped me along on this journey.


I will tell my story, sharing my successes and failures, so that others taking the entrepreneurial path can learn.

I will strive to mentor an aspiring entrepreneur.

I will make my voice heard by those who make policy decisions that affect me and my business.

I will appreciate and celebrate my accomplishments, and the accomplishments of all my fellow entrepreneurs.

I will give back to the society that helped me to be successful.

I will Build a Stronger America.