PollBob: New NOLA Startup Helps You Quickly Discover Opinions

PollBob is a social polling iPhone application and website that lets you  survey your friends, gather feedback in real-time, and earn rewards for playing.  We have an interview with co-founder Ben Jacobson coming soon, but in the meantime, check out the great article written Chris Boudy at NewOrleansTech.net.  (And in full disclosure SBN publisher Zach Kupperman is a co-founder of PollBob):

You’ve heard the old saying: “Opinions are like [insert word here], everybody’s got one”. But in a world of social media and instant connections, people not only have opinions, but want to share them with others. A new startup in New Orleans dubbed PollBob, wants to help facilitate this by introducing the concept of polling through the mobile space and social media. Zach Kupperman and Ben Jacobson, founders of PollBob, wanted to start a digital media company with a niche within the mobile arena. “We researched a bunch of interesting things going on that provided attractive opportunities and this concept of social polling + mobile kept coming up” says Mr. Kupperman. According to the duo, no one has really conquered the polling arena in the context of using mobile devices to share opinions via social media and felt this was a great place to focus.

PollBob bills itself as opinion polling using social media. For the non-geeks out there, it means that they want people (or companies) to create polls on the go using a mobile device and then share them via social media in order to get instant feedback. While the idea sounds like it’s been done before, PollBob adds extra twists including rewards, gaming incentives, and geo location that make it stand out.

Web Features

The New Guy Badge from Poll Bob’s Website

PollBob lives on the web and on the iPhone (hopefully with more mobile platforms supported in the future) allowing you to easily create polls, share them, and view your stats. The site even boosts Twitter-like and Foursquare style features with a following/followers count and badges you can earn. The badges and attributes add a gaming incentive to creating the polls allowing you to rank up as you get involved in the polling process, which helped made the experience more enjoyable. PollBob allows you to search for a poll or view them by most recent, top rated, or local polls. According to Mr. Kupperman, the location aspect is important to PollBob because they want to give users the ability to create polls and tag them so they can be more relevant to others.

Mobile App Features

Places Section on PollBob iPhone App

The mobile app experience was even better than the web experience, giving PollBob a good leg to stand on if its focus is more on the mobile space than the web…

Please visit NewOrleansTech.net to view the full article here.