Technology Company BitRaider Moves Headquarters From Florida To Louisiana

Another big score for Louisiana, the people of Baton Rouge, and the state’s budding tech scene.

Today, Louisiana and BitRaider CEO Royal O’Brien announced the Jacksonville, Fla.-based technology firm BitRaider will relocate to the Louisiana Technology Park in Baton Rouge.

BitRaider is a technology licensing company that created a digital distribution delivery system which allows the a consumer to begin playing an internet-based game with only a fraction of the game delivered and to continue playing the game while the download continues.

BitRaider’s move will create 22 direct jobs at the tech park, with average annual wages of $51,000, plus benefits.   Louisiana Department of Economic Development estimates BitRaider will generate another 35 indirect jobs in the regional economy, for a total of 57 new jobs.  The company will also invest approximately $450,000 to equip its space in the technology park.

To support its work, BitRaider is expected to make use of Louisiana’s digital media tax credit program.  BitRaider also will work with LED’s Louisiana FastStart™ program to obtain hiring and training assistance, so that it may begin operating in the technology park this summer.  Company officials plan to apply for Louisiana’s Research and Development Tax Credit as well.

BitRaider’s patented technology allows customers to begin playing online video games within minutes with multiple players while other parts of the game download in the background. The expedited download can save game players hours and helps game developers attract and retain more users. The company describes its technology as Netflix-style streaming for video games and says that in the coming months, BitRaider’s proprietary technology will be licensed to two different MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) publishers.

O’Brien said, “It was a combination of the tax incentives and strong economic development programs, as well as the people and community we discovered here that persuaded us to relocate our fast-growth startup to Baton Rouge.”

Besides Florida and other states, BitRaider considered a move to Canada, where digital media tax credits are available, but the company found a more complete package in Baton Rouge.

Baton Rogue Mayor Kip Holden said, “The relocation of BitRaider to East Baton Rouge is a huge win for our region.  We believe the status BitRaider holds in the digital media industry will be a catalyst for Baton Rouge. I have been very committed to the expansion of digital interactive media in our area and this addition further proves that our dedication to expanding the digital media industry can bring great things to Baton Rouge.”

The news of BitRaider’s location follows other digital media wins for the state, including the new Electronic Arts facility and rumors of the GameLoft studio in New Orleans.