Launch Pad Ignition’s Impact on Louisiana’s Startup Scene

If you follow tech startups in Louisiana, then you know about Launch Pad Ignition, the coworking space and startup accelerator in New Orleans.

For those of us in New Orleans, its obvious how much of an impact Chris, Peter, Barre and the LP Ignition team have had on the startup eco-system.   Along with the Idea Village and many other organizations, Launch Pad has brought national attention to the movement and helped provide New Orleans startups with an identity.

Yesterday, Ignition released their impact report, detailing their accomplishments, achievements, and continued efforts. You can read the entire impact report here, and their email is reproduced below.

Friends –

Its hard to believe it just a month ago we gathered for Launch Fest to celebrate the startup spirit in New Orleans. Having Brad Feld and Scott Case in New Orleans was truly a highlight!

It’s been an amazing month since then with the Launch Pad Ignition founders hitting New York for TechCrunch Disrupt last week and headed out to Silicon Valley for meetings next week.

We want to take a moment to reflect on the experience and share the impact of Launch Pad Ignition and Launch Fest on the entrepreneurs who we fund and support.


Please give our 2nd Annual Impact Report a read to see all about what was accomplished through Ignition.

We funded 6 high-growth startups in March.  Those startups went through an intensive 7-week program prior to Launch Fest that has continued over the last month. We’re proud of what we’ve built:

  • Most startups funded in Louisiana in 2011.
  • First startup conference in Louisiana – completely free and open to the public.

The first Launch Pad Ignition class includes:

  • Dydra – cloud-based database as a service
  • Gamebuilder Studio – cross platform
    game creation tools
  • Badger – social picture sharing around
  • Rayku – peer-to-peer micro-tutoring network
  • Kinio – sell films online
  • Liveset – HD streaming platform for live



Thank you to all of the investors, speakers, mentors, attendees and volunteers who came together for the event and supported these founders. A big thank you to all of our sponsors, without whom it would not have been possible.


Stay tuned for big announcements coming from Launch Pad Ignition companies.  Applications for Launch Pad Ignition open December 1st.  And you can get a leg up on things by kicking off your entrepreneurial venture now by joining Launch Pad.

Thanks again!

– Chris, Barre, Peter, Will, Katy & the Launch Pad Ignition founders