Shaw To Manage Wisconsin’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program

For more than a decade, the Baton Rouge-based Shaw Group has helped government and commercial clients develop, implement and administer leading-edge energy efficiency programs.   At the state level, Shaw already provides energy program design and management services for state-run programs in Louisiana, Illinois, and Missouri and is a participant in GNOINC’s Sustainable Industries Initiative.   Through its energy management services, Shaw is also conducting detailed energy audits to reduce energy usage and optimize building performance for the U.S. General Services Administration.

And just last week, Shaw announced it has been awarded a four-year contract by the Wisconsin Statewide Energy Efficiency and Renewable Administration to serve as program administrator for Focus on Energy, an energy efficiency and renewable energy program for eligible residents and businesses.  The award builds on Shaw’s expanding energy efficiency and renewable energy business.

Shaw will oversee Focus on Energy’s current portfolio of energy efficiency and renewable resource programs as well as design and administer new programs. This role includes meeting established cost-effectiveness requirements, promoting programs to the public and hiring and managing contractors to implement the programs within an established budget.

“Properly designed and administered energy efficiency and renewable energy programs reduce energy usage, minimize environmental impact and can provide substantial cost savings for governments, businesses and homeowners,” said George Bevan, president of Shaw’s Environmental & Infrastructure Group. “As demand for these programs continues to increase and government policies reflect that demand, Shaw stands ready to design and implement energy efficiency solutions that help meet the evolving energy needs of our clients.”

Since 2001 Focus on Energy has worked with eligible Wisconsin residents and businesses to install energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to help manage rising energy costs, protect the environment and control the state’s growing demand for electricity and natural gas. The program provides financial incentives, education, information and other resources in an effort to encourage participation.

“Shaw’s role as administrator represents a new era for Focus on Energy,” said Jean Derfus, vice chair of the Wisconsin Statewide Energy Efficiency and Renewable Administration. “We are optimistic about the program’s future and look forward to working with Shaw to develop and implement new ideas and projects that improve its effectiveness.”