RIO and Louisiana Drupal Users Group to Create Innovation Community Website

Louisiana’s new Regional Innovation Organization (RIO) will team up with volunteers from the Louisiana Drupal Users Group (LaDUG) on Saturday, July 9, to build a new web site to help create a stronger, more vibrant entrepreneurial community in South Louisiana.

The event will be held at Pleasant Hall on the LSU campus in Baton Rouge, with facilities and assistance being provided by LSU Continuing Education.

The planned web site aims to serve as the hub for entrepreneurs and groups in the region to announce events and collaborate on new ideas. The site will be built in a single day using the powerful and popular web content management system, Drupal. The site will be hosted by Radweb Technologies.

With a core team of Drupal site builders already signed up for the event, LaDUG and RIO are looking for additional volunteers who would like to join them to help build the site.  No previous Drupal or computer programming experience is required.

For more information please visit LaDUG’s site.

This article was written by Jeff Diecks, an LaDUG member and a Drupal enthusiast at Media Current.