Audiosocket Launches Music as a Service™; Featured on Tech Crunch and Mashable

New Orleans-based music licensing startup Audiosocket today launched Music as a Service™  — their new service to make it easier for content creators to legally get access to music for games, movies, and apps.

Through MaaS, content producers will be able to search, discover and license music from Audiosocket’s catalog of over 33,000 songs from more than 1,900 artists and composers worldwide.  Audiosocket’s API is also available to developers, so agencies and media sharing platforms can integrate the Audiosocket catalog into their own services, delivering to their communities the most powerful music search and licensing platform on the web.  MaaS provides worldwide music licensing in perpetuity, with automated licensing generation and payment processing, simplifying what has been a notoriously challenging process for content creators, and creating new revenue streams for artists and partners.

“MaaS gives content platforms a way to increase their average revenue per user, and an innovative and engaging way to deliver a custom user experience,” said Brent McCrossen, co-founder and CEO, Audiosocket. “We looked ahead at the future of technology and music, and created a path to deliver something innovative that would solve problems for all the parties involved. We chose to attack, while our customers are slugging it out in traditional markets getting driven down to zero.”

For their launch of Maas, Audiosocket was covered today on TechCrunch and Mashable, the first coverage of a New Orleans startup since InvoiceASAP was covered back in May.