Startup Open to Recognize Top Startups during Global Entrepreneurship Week

Startups experience small but significant milestones in their early days.  Like the proverbial framed “first dollar” that hangs by a small business’s cash register, these milestones represent significant moments in the birthing of a new venture.

The Startup Open competition recognizes and celebrates these milestones. Called “startup moments,” these milestones range from incorporating a business or opening the doors for business, getting that first sale, securing investment funding, or anything else that represents “opening for business.”

Open to startups from around the globe, this year’s competition will accept applications until September 15, 2011 from entrepreneurs who have founded new ventures that have experienced a startup moment between November 22, 2010, and November 20, 2011.  The top 50 founders will be recognized during Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is scheduled for the week of November 13, 2011. Winners receive valuable prizes, including mentorship from top entrepreneurs to help launch their businesses. 

A local celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week will be held in Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week is led by the Regional Innovation Organization.

For more information and to nominate your own new venture, click here.