ZingBoard secures $5,000 in funding through Rebirth Financial


Rebirth Financial announced on Tuesday that the tech startup ZingBoard has secured a $5,000 loan through the Rebirth Financial crowd-funding platform. ZingBoard connects students, parents and teachers online to promote student achievement by allowing students to securely share their accomplishments, trophies, and awards with peers, family, and school.

According to ZingBoard Founder and CEO, Jim Blitch, “Rebirth Financial enables community members to support the businesses that define New Orleans […] and we at ZingBoard are proud to have been a part of their movement. We couldn’t be more pleased with the Rebirth Financial process and experience.”

Rebirth Financial was recently profiled in Businessweek and has previously helped a local business, NOLA Brewery, secure nearly $400,000 for a new canning operation.