New Orleans Downtown Development District Launches “Downtown NOLA Works” Website

The Downtown Development District (DDD) recently launched a new website, Downtown NOLA Works. The site features successful and eclectic business people, service providers, creative entrepreneurs and residents.

According to the DDD website, “[Downtown NOLA Works] profiles the people behind some of our city’s most successful companies and initiatives, and lets them tell you directly why Downtown works for them and why this city inspires them in everything they do.”

Each profile includes a quote on what makes Downtown New Orleans unique, a video discussing his or her personal experience working here, and a Question & Answer section where anyone can ask a question about anything. Many entrepreneurs frequently covered in Silicon Bayou News are featured on the site, including Chris Schultz, SENO director Andrea Chen, Touch Studios co-founder Neel Sus and Gerard Cox of Second Line Ventures. Musicians Ivan Neville and Jeremy Davenport, Evacuteer founder Robert Fogarty, and Hugh Weber, President of the New Orleans Hornets are also included on the website among many others.

The Downtown Development District of New Orleans (DDD) was created by the Louisiana Legislature in 1974 as the nation’s first assessment-based business improvement district (BID) to provide enhanced services in economic development, cleaning and safety.

DDD regularly participates in the following activities to attract and maintain a vibrant business culture in Downtown New Orleans:

  • Cultivating economic development in such industries as bioscience, the arts, digital media and tourism
  • Ensuring Downtown is clean and safe
  • Serving as the voice and advocate for Downtown’s future
  • Promoting Downtown as a world-class destination for residents and visitors

Visit Downtown NOLA Works or the DDD Website for more information.