Tulane Tech Day to spotlight educational and fun uses of technology

Tulane University is inviting students and the public to campus on Friday, September 30th to explore, “the seamless relationship between the academic and the technological.” A broad range of events are taking place during “Tech Day” for free. The organizers say it will be, “a day of toys, tech, food and fun.”

The keynote will be presented by Dr. Ian Bogost, a designer, researcher, author and entrepreneur. The talk will include discussions of how individuals can use computers and technology more to their advantage. Dr. Bogost states, “…despite our apparent love affair with them, we tend to use computers for the purposes given to us by hardware and software creators, accepting current trends and techniques rather than inventing wholly new applications.”

Presentations scheduled throughout the day also cover topics such as iPads in Learning, Going Mobile with Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5, and the incorporation of digital projects in teaching international relations.

The Tulane University Video Game Society will also have a room set aside for demonstrations and group play with modern and vintage gaming systems. Several contests are also set up in association with the event that offer prizes such as netbooks and Adobe’s Creative Suite.

Check out the full schedule and register to attend the event here.