25 reasons Under30CEO says New Orleans is the best city for young entrepreneurs

A few weeks ago, Adriana Lopez wrote a touching plea asking you to write-in New Orleans for the, “Top Young Entrepreneur Cities of 2011” list on Under30CEO.com. You responded in full force and, even though New Orleans wasn’t on the original list of cities to vote for, New Orleans stole the show and won first place.

This week, Adriana stepped up to the plate again and wrote a great summary post for Under30CEO: 25 Reasons Why New Orleans is the Best City for Young Entrepreneurs.  The reason Silicon Bayou News exists is to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit and many business opportunities in Louisiana. We’d like to publicly thank Adriana for being a great example of a young entrepreneur in New Orleans and thank YOU for voting and being a part of our long and ongoing march to the top!

Here is an excerpt of the post:

New Orleans has long been known for several different things: jazz, food, art, history, and Bourbon Street. It has also had many nicknames, such as NOLA, N’awlins, The Big Easy, The Crescent City, and The City that Care Forgot, which refers to the care-free, easy going nature of it’s residents. However, last week New Orleans became forgotten. On a reader-driven survey for top entrepreneurial cities on Under30CEO’s website, New Orleans was left out of the list of nominees.

In a moment of heroism, I felt the need to save my city from obscurity and omission, and decided to band my community together before we became extinct. I took full advantage of my weekly column and used my journalistic powers to remind my readers, and fellow entrepreneurs, of all we had accomplished and to continue what we have done by voting for New Orleans as a write in candidate. In true New Orleans form, we came together and once again proved how proud we were to be a part of New Orleans, and more specifically, it’s entrepreneurial community.

The entrepreneurial community in New Orleans has been gaining momentum at an increasing capacity. With the help of organizations that have aided in the growth of several entrepreneurs, and bourgeoning industries that are bringing new opportunities for start-ups, the city is full of possibilities for anyone who is interested in starting a business.

For anyone who has ever doubted New Orleans as being nothing more than a bead-throwing community of alcoholics driving around in fan boats, then think again. After reading the 25 reasons for why New Orleans is the best city for young entrepreneurs, you may even start packing your bags and your business for a move to the Big Easy.

Read the rest of the post (including the 25 reasons) here.