Meet, Plan, Go! Career break group gets organized in New Orleans

Meet, Plan, Go! is a nationwide event on it’s second year being held in over 17 cities with over 2500 expected attendees. The purpose of Meet, Plan, Go! is to inspire “career breaks” that allow people to travel, see the world, and create a more well rounded life. The organization is, “creating a community with like-minded people, people who love to travel and explore, even if it’s in their own city or across the oceans.” The goal is to create a group where people can share their stories, get advise and encouragement from peers to take steps to travel for an extended time.

The group at Meet, Plan, Go attempts to quell fears on leaving the work force. “By taking a break, or multiple breaks, before retirement it can actually propel the direction of your career. No longer do we need to look at a gap on a resume as life defeating, but instead look at it as life defining.”

Alyson Kilday is the local organizer of Meet, Plan, Go!

Alyson Kilday, a designer and part owner of Hop and Jaunt, is organizing the New Orleans event and has assembled a panel of six world travelers. Three of the panelists, Ryan Murphy, Charlotte Piper, and Jordan Franklin have recently moved to New Orleans. Another three panelists are traveling into town for the upcoming event: Kristen Alana, Kelly Lewis, and Benny Lewis. Check out the panelist bios and their respective travel tales here.

For the New Orleans edition of Meet, Plan, Go! Aly is focusing on harnessing the entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit of New Orleans. Showcasing panelists who have taken the leap to see the world and have come back with the self confidence and knowledge to pursue their life and dreams is one way to inspire would-be world travelers.

On October 18, 2011, Meet, Plan, Go! will be hosting their second annual nationwide event in 17 cities to inspire people to fulfill their career break and long-term travel dreams. The event will offer participants the opportunity to MEET inspirational speakers and like-minded travelers; get motivation, contacts and resources necessary to PLAN the trip of a lifetime; and start taking concrete steps forward to GO on that global adventure. To sign-up for the New Orleans event or read more, check out the event page here.