What’s your number one burning question about Social Media?

This question yielded some unexpected and some really great inquiries that I’m going to do my best to answer…

Because cats are ADORABLE! Most people sit around at their desks all day being stressed out and participating in annoying and time consuming correspondence. What better way to take a break than watching an ADORABLE kitten slowly creep up on a video camera ninja-style?

Part 1: Personally I find that social media has offered me a lot of amazing connections that I wouldn’t have made otherwise (offline). For business, I’ve noticed that overall brand awareness and having access to an additional customer service arm to be able to communicate directly with the consumer are the two greatest value adds.

Part 2: I don’t actually think that having constant accessibility is a drawback at all – it doesn’t mean you are locked down, it just means that you can connect at any point you feel the need to, which is very powerful. The drawback happens when individuals mismanage their time and end up spending 4 hours looking at cat videos on Facebook.

Oh hey, it’s my boss;) I think auto posting from FB to Twitter and vice versa is TACKY. Twitter and Facebook are two different tools with two different etiquettes and it’s so spammy when people do the lazy feed thing. It’s like “yeah, okay we are Facebook friends so I already saw that post and you just went over your character limit for Twitter with that and I’m going to unfollow you now because I don’t need to connect with you in multiple places if you’re spewing the same message, kthanksbye.”

I think that Matthew hit the nail on the head, but we’ll have a more detailed discussion of measuring ROI in next week’s Conversation.


Editor’s note: Since it’s Friday and we could all use a little break, what’s your favorite cat video? Seriously, share away!