Lamar Advertising Launches RoadNinja, Your Interstate Exit Guide

Lamar Advertising, the publicly traded Baton Rouge-based outdoor advertising company, has launched a new iPhone app called RoadNinja.  The app is a location-based interstate travel app powered by Foursquare that  helps consumers find what’s available at upcoming interstate exits (restaurants, lodging, gas, etc.) and delivers location-specific promotions.

RoadNinja users determine the best highway exit to take by browsing selected business categories or by searching for a specific point of interest. Six default categories are listed at each exit, but users can choose from over 25 additional options to modify categories displayed. “This app is a must-have for road trips,” said Sean Reilly, CEO of Lamar Advertising. “RoadNinja allows consumers to see what’s available at any exit – even if it’s 3,000 miles ahead – as they travel on the interstate. They now have the ability to plan ahead and find their preferred gasoline brand, their favorite restaurant chain and their no fee ATM all at the same exit.”

The company claims that RoadNinja’s social media component differentiates itself from other navigational travel apps.  Travelers can add reviews, ratings and photos to business listings on the app, share promotions and reviews on Facebook and check-in on Foursquare.  Advertisers can link their corporate twitter feed directly to the driving public.

Cost-conscious travelers can tap the promotions icon to learn about specials and savings. “The promotions feature is a valuable resource for consumers, while also providing Lamar’s local and national clients the ability to engage customers using digital promotions to enhance directional advertising campaigns,” said Reilly.

Businesses that advertise with Lamar will have the opportunity to connect with consumers by adding a promotion and displaying their business logo on the app at no extra charge.  Jason’s Deli is the first national chain to add a promotion to the app.  Lamar Advertising says they are also forming a partnership with one of the nation’s leading online coupon providers to provide over 15,000 coupons on the app.

Unfortunately, Lamar went with an out-of-state firm to develop RoadNinja, hiring Atlanta-based Digital Scientists to develop the app.  In doing so, they presumably did not take advantage of Louisiana’s digial media tax credits.

The launch of RoadNinja comes off the heels of another Lamar innovation: installing solar panels and energy-efficient LED lighting on the signs in Baton Rouge and  more than 70 additional markets.