iPhone Battery #Fail

I rely heavily on my iPhone 4 battery to hold it’s own through the day as I tweet, update Facebook, checkin on Foursquare and answer emails and texts. Until now, it has been consistent and reliable. So what changed? I downloaded the new software upgrade released around the same time as the iPhone 4s. Is Apple trying to spite me?

So I posed the question on Facebook to see if anyone else has been experiencing freakishly short battery life and here’s what happened:






Okay, so I’m not alone…HOW DO WE FIX THIS!?

That’s not practical…



No I need the battery life equal to the 4g! I’ve got important tweeting to do!

There’s no way that’s going to work…oh wait – wait, yes. That kind of worked. At least I think it did.  Apparently this seems to be working for a lot of people but is still considered a “rumor” and can be read about in more detail on the Mac Rumors site.

Apple is reportedly working on another update to address the battery drain issue – stay tuned.