South Coast Angels Relocates to the New Orleans BioInnovation Center

In September, the New Orleans BioInnovation Center facility opened its doors to support technology companies with high growth potential.  The new facility pushes New Orleans towards the forefront of bio-innovation and makes the city a hub for world biotechnology.  The New Orleans-based South Coast Angel Fund, which has invested in startups like Omnicademy, is one of the first companies to enter the incubator space surrounded by a new generation of innovators from Louisiana’s burgeoning Life Science Community.

The center offers 66,000 square feet of state of the art wet-lab, office and conference space designed to cultivate new ideas and provide support for emerging bio-innovation. Additionally, the center offers research collaboration, world-class facilities, and networking opportunities with local, regional, and national firms while providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for day-to-day operations.  I’ve been in the building and its a beautiful space.

The center houses dozens of companies ranging from pre-startups and start-ups to maturing and expanding businesses, making the facility ideal for South Coast’s mission to foster entrepreneurial efforts in the Louisiana Gulf Coast Region. Ultimately, moving into the new building puts South Coast in close proximity to high-caliber entrepreneurs like MiniVax and InnoGenomics.  Going forward, innovative companies in the area will be looking to take advantage of the special collaboration forming between the Bioinnovation Center, entrepreneurs, and the South Coast Angel Fund.

For a look at the new Center click here.