Better Day™ Health Aims to Create ‘Clinic of the Future’ with Launch of Better Day EHR

This post was written by Silicon Bayou News contributing writer, Aretha Frison.

Better Day HealthBetter Day EHR

In the near future patients and healthcare providers will be able to communicate more efficiently through a safe, secure, cost-effective portal from the comfort of their homes or on the go using their smartphones.

Better Day™ Health has integrated Isabel Healthcare‘s clinical decision support system into the creation of the Better Day EHR and Documentation Solution for doctors and patients.  It is the premiere product created to be the backbone of the “clinic of the future” by electronically providing health information for participating health care centers and patients. It combines speech-to-text, mobile devices and web-based technologies in novel ways to streamline clinical documentation and coding and improve overall care coordination. 

VoiceHIT is an emerging electronic health record (EHR) and clinical documentation company based in New Orleans out of the BioInnovation Center. Isabel Healthcare is a diagnosis decision support application that assists physicians with getting the diagnosis right the first time. According toBetter Day™ Health co-founder Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH, “The partnership between VoiceHIT and Isabel Healthcare has the potential to significantly improve the way doctors and other providers investigate, diagnose and treat patients, minimizing the time to treatment, lowering costs, and increasing quality while reducing the time these providers spend in front of a computer.”

Interactive Health Communication

No more rushing off to the emergency room or waiting weeks to book an appointment at the doctor’s office. If a child has a rash that seems to be worsening, the child’s parent could track the progress of the rash in pictures using a mobile phone and upload them directly to the child’s personal health record, saving a trip to the hospital. The child’s physician could then monitor and respond rapidly if the situation deteriorates.

Peter Ragusa, MD MPH, is the CEO of Better Day EHR and said both the Better Day electronic health record and personal health record (PHR) will be available to be used on smart phones and tablets. “We hope to release our consumer iOS and Android-based mobile applications during the late summer of 2012,” Ragusa said.

Better Day EHR will provide patients access to their personal health record from home.

By viewing personal health records, patients will be able to manage a wide range of information online including doctor’s appointments, health insurance and payment status. Patients would also have the option to easily communicate and collaborate with healthcare providers through the Better Day’s secure messaging system.

Patients can also record, manage and chart daily measurements like blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, height, mood, pain and sleep quality. The overall health experience can be enhanced by completing online surveys and assessments suggested by doctors or medical practices. Finally, patients can learn more about their diagnoses and conditions using Better Day EHR’s reliable, scientifically-validated information from MedlinePlus, which is published by the National Library of Medicine as part of the National Institutes of Health.

Ragusa said the company will provide a variety of training tools for patients to use the product properly.

“As a next-generation technology that views the patient as a whole person with unique and varied needs, the Better Day EHR will have a variety of training tools embedded within it that range from on-screen assistance to instant access to informative, patient-friendly FAQs pages to rich, interactive online videos, demonstrations and tutorials.” Ragusa said Better Day’s goal is to eventually become readily accessible to all patient populations in a way that is fun, informative and empowering.

For more information about participating doctor’s offices enrolled in the Better Day EHR, visit the website at

Jazz Mixer at the New Orleans BioInnovation Center

Better Day EHR will be presented at a “Clinic of the Future” jazz mixer during the AMA House of Delegates interim meeting on Saturday, November 12th, 2011. The mixer is from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. at 1441 Canal Street in New Orleans.

Better Day™ Health CEO Dr. Peter Ragusa and Isabel Healthcare CEO Don Bauman will display the software and answer questions at the mixer. There will be live jazz, local food and many representatives from the New Orleans medical community attending the event.