If New Orleans developers are ninjas, Launch Pad is their dojo

The Greater New Orleans area is teeming with talented individuals. We recently started showcasing them on our All About You posts, but we could do those for a year and only be at the tip of the iceberg.

Launch Pad wingsLaunch Pad, the co-working space located in the Warehouse District in New Orleans, is the de fact host for most small meetup groups. This could be because they have a great collaborative working space, a friendly bar one wall away, or because most of the freelance developers work in the same building.

If you are a developer looking to get into the local <scene>, we’ve compiled a list of regular events covering everything from general web-tech to PHP and Ruby. Most of the group details are on MeetUp.com and anyone interested is welcome to attend. Many of the groups gladly welcome students, coding novices, and companies interested in sponsoring (which usually means buying drinks or pizza).

Here are all of the regular developer meetups we’re currently aware of. If you know of any others, leave them in the comments!

Net Squared New Orleans (Net2NO) – First Tuesday of every month (currently hosted at 12 Bar on Fulton).

Ruby Bayou (aka Hack Night)- Every Tuesday starting at 7pm at Launch Pad.

NOLA PHP – Second Thursday of every month at Launch Pad.

GNOCODE – Third Wednesday of every month at Launch Pad. GNOCODE is organized by Barrett Conrad and their website also includes info about other local tech events.

CajunJUG – First Thursday at UNO Lakefront.

GumboLabs – Second Wednesday in Mid-City.

Stay in the loop about other tech-y events and meetings on the NewOrleansTech.net calendar.