NuMe Health Advances Cobiotics Technology With Filing of Patent Application

NuMe Health, the New Orleans biotechnology company developing prebiotics for disease prevention, announced that the company filed a patent application covering a proprietary formulation of its first cobiotic product, NM504, which is being developed for the prediabetic population.

Cobiotics are combinations of food components that we cannot digest that act to control the GI microbiota and its environment.

NM504 is designed to help prediabetic individuals achieve and maintain normal blood glucose levels and a healthy body weight by altering the GI microbiota, which includes the trillions of bacteria resident in the human GI system, along with its environment. NM504 contains a blend of ingredients that can alter the composition of the GI microbiota in specific ways that promote improved control of glucose levels for prediabetics with unhealthy weight. It acts by stimulating certain bacteria that inhibit appetite signals and stimulate satiety signals and also by inhibiting the ability of other bacteria to capture energy from undigested fat and protein and convert them into calories that are absorbed by the body.  The patent filing covers the composition, manufacture and delivery of NM504.

“Our patent application for NM504 and the establishment of our SAB are important milestones for NuMe Health as we work to accelerate the development and launch of our first cobiotic product,” said Dean P. Stull, PhD, chief executive officer of NuMe Health. “NM504 is intended to provide a safe, effective and clinically validated option for the millions people at risk of developing diabetes.

NuMe Health also raised a $675,000 Series A from BVM Capital last summer.