Raising Money the Kickstarter-Fashion Way

Thanks to 204 Kickstarter supporters, Liamolly will now be able to bring their knitting production home to New Orleans. This will also give the local knitwear company the opportunity to teach, train, and hire local designers – all thanks to the generous support of people that were inspired by owner/designer Seema Sudan’s video pitch.

Key to raising money, whether it’s from institutional investors or friends, family, and random enthusiasts, is the ability to clearly explain how their money will allow you to accomplish your goals. On Kickstarter’s platform, you do this by creating a compelling video. Liamolly’s pitch was so successful because illustrated a personal story narrated by the creator.

Seema Sudan is the founder and designer behind LiaMolly

Seema tells the company’s history from start to finish. You learn about how she and her family moved to New Orleans to start the company, how their overseas manufacturer is no longer willing to make their sweaters, and about the opportunity to grow and develop production in New Orleans. The video is visually appealing, short, and easy to understand.

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Appropriately enough, founder Perry Chen developed the idea for the crowdfunding site while living in New Orleans.

An alternative source for raising money, Kickstarter encourages you to harness your creativity to sell your idea to backers located across the world. Supporters don’t expect a monetary return but still want to feel connected to the project.

Liamolly raised nearly $3,000 over her $26,000 goal by offering appealing project-related rewards that compelled backers to pledge significant amounts of money. Kickstarter points out that this is a new form of commerce and patronage where creators keep 100% ownership and control and offer unique products and experiences in return for investment.

Check out the video that convinced 206 backers to pledge $28,874 here: