New Facebook Timeline: Everything You Need to Know

Months ago, Facebook announced a new layout for your personal profile. It was rolled out to “Facebook Developers” only, so you could use this method of cheating to get it early.

Yesterday, the feature became accessible to everyone! Here’s what’s new:

You can choose one large landscape photo for the top of your page and left sidebar options are now graphically displayed across the top bar below the photo. Your wall is also now split into two columns:

Another cool/creepy feature is that you can go back to specific years and months (here’s where the whole “Timeline” thing comes into play) and see your wall from forever ago. You know, the days when Facebook was much sillier and all about your college friends?


You can access the new layout by clicking here; and then clicking the green button that says “Get Timeline” in the bottom right corner. You’ll be prompted to make any changes you want; when you’re ready, click “Publish Now.” Easy, right?

Questions? Post them below!

Also let us know if you’ve seen any cool uses of the Timeline layout!