Cellcontrol Provides Technology To Prevent Texting While Driving

Cellcontrol, the Baton Rouge tech startup providing technology to prevent distracted driving, announced last week that its technology can be used by fleets, families and governments to enforce safe driving habits as recommended recently by the National Transportation Safety Board.

After irrefutable evidence showed that texting and driving causes thousands of deaths every year, plus hundreds of thousands of injuries, the NTSB took its hardest stand to date against the use of mobile phones and other devices in an announcement last week. Cellcontrol’s affordable, easy to use technology can be used to adhere to the NTSB recommendations.

Cellcontrol uses the vehicle’s computer and phone/device software to stop texting, e-mailing, web browsing and phone use while operating a vehicle according to a customizable policy.

“With increasing use of phones and other devices in vehicles, accidents and injuries are increasing dramatically, even in the face of laws against such behavior,” said Chuck Cox, Senior Vice President of Cellcontrol. “We applaud the NTSB in making this recommendation to define this dangerous behavior, and we are pleased to be the leading solution to help families, companies and government to enforce safe driving policies.”

Mobile phone functions that Cellcontrol can prevent include phone, text, e-mail, Web, push-to-talk, games and other distracting features. Emergency calls are always allowed, and incoming texts, emails and calls are received but cannot be accessed or responded to while the vehicle is moving. In addition to those features, Cellcontrol will also report idle time, mileage, hard braking events and speed capturing for fleet managers who want to ensure their drivers are following correct company policies and safety procedures while operating company vehicles.