Venyu Launches VenyuCloud, a Cloud Server Virtualization Platform

Venyu, the Baton Rouge based cloud and data center server provider, announced its VenyuCloud virtualization platform, a low-cost, easy to deploy alternative to physical servers that offers high-availability, enterprise-class firewalling.

A leading provider of offsite business continuity, cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, Venyu is further positioning itself as the premier technology solutions provider, accelerating customer adoption of next-generation cloud computing, Venyu’s new offering provides a controlled and secure platform where IT managers can quickly provision cloud servers and virtual cloud datacenters on demand. VenyuCloud unleashes the full benefits of taking applications to the cloud by enabling secure, highly available IT-as-a-service (IaaS) for the ultimate efficient, flexible and cost-effective model.

“The cloud marketplace has truly grown up,” said Scott Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, Venyu. “VenyuCloud de-mystifies the management and administration of virtual machines like never before. Users can easily scale up or scale out with point-and-click functionality. At Venyu, we’re exploiting the power of virtualization to help customers realize the full potential of the cloud.”

Built on VMware technology, VenyuCloud exposes the cloud environment by offering Web management via a portal interface. The solution provides highly flexible and scalable control and administration of both users and servers — enabling granular management and self-service of servers in ways never seen before. Users can now access the robust features of VMware virtualization — including its high levels of security, redundancy, high-availability, scalability and elasticity — all through a “single pane of glass.”

“We tried several leading cloud providers before coming to Venyu’s new platform.  Several considering factors included support, cost and ease of use,” said Keith Hanson, CEO, Twin Engine Labs. “Before VenyuCloud, our team spent painful weeks building provisioning scripts that would inevitably break as the landscape changed.  Once we switched to VenyuCloud servers using vCloud Director, we found the tight integration with VMware to be invaluable. Today, we have the ability to upload customized server templates from VMware, clone them and have a production ready server in under ten minutes. My engineers are now able to focus on shipping products instead of dealing with the time-consuming task of server provisioning. VenyuCloud, supported by Venyu’s outstanding training and support staff and customizable services, is an unbeatable solution.”