App designed by Shreveport-based Moonbot Studios and Twin Engine Labs named Best App of 2011 by Apps Magazine

Earlier this year, Moonbot Studios released an interactive picture book app called “The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore.” The app not only caught the attention of The Atlantic, causing them to laud Moonbot as “the Pixar of the iPad age.

The team works on a set for The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. Image from

The app currently has a 4.5 star rating in the app store with rave reviews. A user going by HelloT commented, “One of the best book apps. My kids loved this book. Great visuals and interactivity. Fantastic story. Highly recommend.”  While another user, Sinohe Terrero noted, “I honestly cannot describe how much my kids love this story. Best app/book in the entire app store. CLASSIC!

The app was the first Book app to hit #1 on the Apple app store and was recently awarded the Best App of 2011 nod by Apps Magazine. Jonathan Gordon of Apps Magazine said, “We feel that our final selections represent the cream of the releases since the beginning of the year and for us Fantastic Flying Books was the prime example. It’s innovation, design and humour combined to make an app that represents everything we admire in mobile entertainment.”

According to the app website, this is how they captured the hearts of millions:

Put yourself in Morris’ shoes as you dive into the story of Mr. Lessmore and his flying friends through Moonbot Studios’ first Interactive Storybook. In this reinvention of digital storytelling you can repair books, tumble through a storm, learn the piano and even get “lost in a book,” flying through a magical world of words, giving you a dynamic journey through the story. This iPad App has been touted by Apple as one of the “Top New Apps for the iPad,” and will surely be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Using rich CG animation, innovative interactivity, original composed music, and unique games sprinkled throughout the book, this App will revive a love of story in all.

Check out this video on the making of Morris Lessmore:

The Making Of Morris: Part 1 (The Power of Story) from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.


Congratulations to the teams involved – we look forward to more great apps coming out of Moonbot and Twin Engine Labs!