CohabU offering UX design and intro to web programming classes in Shreveport

CohabU is kicking off a series of instructor- led crash course sessions in Shreveport on the latest technologies. The courses are one night per week over six weeks and are intended to get participants familiar with a technical topic quickly.

The first two classes are User Experience Design taught by Ken Hanson and Intro to Web Programming taught by Cole Brand. Both are six week courses and the cost is $250.

Additional upcoming classes for the Spring include:

  • Modern Version Control
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • PHP5
  • Web Server Setup
  • Front end Javascript (jQuery)
  • Ruby on Rails

User Experience (UX) Design: Mondays from January 9th to February 13th

Understanding UX Design is quickly becoming an important skill to have as more and more employers and entrepreneurs enter the web and mobile space, and we’re here to help jump start your foray into the amazing world of User Experience Design.

Beginning January 9th, Cohab is hosting a 6 week design course with Ken Hanson. He’ll cover the introduction quickly, and get to the meat and potatoes of UX Design over 5 additional classes.

• Learn how to accurately define the problem that your designs will solve
• Understand how to create proper User Stories that let you deep dive into what a customer needs to accomplish
• Gain the skills necessary to create system maps that are both understandable and beautiful
• Learn how to step through an application’s flow, and represent that in a way that your whole team can see
• Get right to sketching your very own idea’s screens and learn how to use tools that Twin Engine Labs and others use daily
• Learn what is informational overkill and what is absolutely important to a UI design that will help graphic design flourish and execute your well thought out user designs
• Freebie: take the first steps in converting your wireframes to graphic designs with the Twin Engine Labs design team in a workshop that just can’t be missed.

The first half of the classes will have a lecture, and the second half will be hands on critique and discussion based work.

Ken Hanson is a Shreveport, LA native and has developed his career for the last 7 years with both Dallas and San Francisco design agencies including Hot Studio, TrialPay, Mevio, PeopleClick,, and Telligent. His work includes big brand projects for EA Sports, Palm, Apple, Microsoft, Acura, Honda, People Magazine, and many more.

He currently runs the Twin Engine Labs design arm under the guise of Chief Creative Officer.

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Intro to Web Programming: Wednesdays from January 11th to February 15th

This basics of web programming course, taught by Cole Brand, will cover everything from the first webservers through to modern systems.

• Understand how requests are made and responses are served
• Understand how web sites actually respond to requests
• Explore how various web servers are configured and setup
• Be able to explain why various solutions are chosen for specific business needs

Cole Brand is a Shreveport, LA resident, transplanted by way of Houston from Atlanta GA, and an avid programmer and computer hobbyist. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and has over 10 years in web development experience.

Cole currently works as a Software Developer for Electsolve Technology Solutions and Services in Shreveport and leads the local Techx20 braintrust social networking group.

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