Juggleware Launches “Sol: Sun Clock” iPhone App To Tell You When The Sun Is Going Down

Juggleware, the New Orleans-based digital media company, announced that their new conceptual weather utility and alarm clock Sol: Sun Clock is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Sol: Sun Clock has a spinable dial that lets you look at different parts of the day, which are color-coded to represent daytime, nighttime, and twilight periods. Surrounded by clouds, sun, and the stars, it’s a fun way to look at the day beyond just a chart of sunset and sunrise times.  The user can also change his/her location and calendar date to see what the day will look like 6 months away or halfway around the world.

“I created the app because I like to ride my bike in the evening.” said Alec Vance, Juggleware’s founder and lead developer. “I wanted an alarm to remind me on weekdays when I had an hour left of daylight, so I could take my bike ride on the levee before it got dark and catch the sunset on the Mississippi River.”

Co-designer Josh Warren envisions this app will be useful for photographers and cinematographers. “It’s great to be able to scout a location’s daylight times, and in particular the all-important Golden Hour, even if the shoot is months away and in a different city or country.”

Sol: Sun Clock is available for world-wide at Apple’s App Store or by visiting Juggleware.