Facebook How To

Top 5 settings to change on your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook How To

Display Posts by Everyone

Facebook is a SOCIAL networking site but many businesses forget about the social part. Communication should go both ways and you should welcome your fans to share comments, concerns or photos on your Facebook wall. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Go to your fan page and click “Edit Page” (top right corner)
  • Under “Wall tab shows:” Select: “All Posts”
  • Then Click “Save Changes”

Allow Fans to Tag Photos of Your Brand

Again, the goal here is to allow your fans to be a part of your brand. Let them tag your t-shirt or shoes in their photos OR tag themselves having a great time out at your bar or restaurant! Here’s how to set it up:

  • Go to your fan page and click “Edit Page” (top right corner)
  • Under “Posting Ability” go ahead and check everything
  • Then Click “Save Changes”

Limit The Number of Administrators

Ever heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen?” That can happen online as well. Having too many people posting to your Facebook fan page can get confusing and lose the overall voice and consistency.

Ideally you have one main manager and a few other people helping out – but everyone should be coordinating and communicating about when and what they are posting.

Posting as a Page vs. Posting as You

From time to time, you might want to post a comment on your fan page as you, instead of as the brand. So how do you do this if you are an administrator?

  • Go to your fan page and click “Edit Page” (top right corner)
  • Click “Your Settings” (top left corner)
  • Under “Posting Preferences” UNselect the option to always post as the page
  • Click “Save Changes”

*Note – you can still post as the page by clicking the “Use Facebook As…” option in the top right side of your fan page OR just switch the settings back

Don’t Forward Tweets to Facebook (and vice versa)

I really just can’t emphasize how tacky it is when Facebook posts have @mentions and RT’s in them. It’s almost as bad when Twitter posts are clearly just being fed from Facebook. These are two separate tools that have their own language.

Cross posting some of the same content is okay, as long as the post speaks the language of both platforms.


Do you have other tips & tricks you use on your Facebook Fan Page? Share them with us in the comments!