McDonalds #Fail – know your brand, know your audience

#McDStories Fail Graphic by Mike Licht


No doubt you’ve already heard about the horrendous #McDStories campaign that McDonald’s launched last week, encouraging their customers to share their own #McDStories.

Bad Idea.

Twitter Backlash

And they get much worse – ranging from someone finding a fingernail in their Big Mac to saying that the chicken nuggets are made with a type of foam used in building materials.

In a “what were you thinking” interview with, McDonald’s Social Media Director explained that things didn’t go exactly as planned when they switched from their original #MeetTheFarmers to #McDStories.

Second Attempt

Now, McDonalds has launched a new # campaign: #LittleThings

Which was already a frequently used hashtag (including being in a recent DoubleTree campaign), but now with the McDonald’s context added is getting tweets like these:

As well as legitimate, positive #littlethings tweets. What do you think – is the new campaign going to remedy the #McDStories #EpicFail ?