Naked Pizza location in Boston area is first in franchise system to close

Last Friday the owner of a Naked Pizza location in the Boston area announced via his blog that one of their two locations is closing. Delivery, takeout, and catering operations from their Brighton, MA store will be merged with their second location in Brookline, MA.

The spin on the story both in the blog post and in local media outlets is that they are closing the Brighton location so that they can grow more efficiently in the near future.

Peter Biro, the co-founder and CEO of Third Slice, the group holding the franchising agreement for up to 50 locations in the New England area, noted on his blog post about the change:

“Sometimes in entrepreneurship, you need to retrench to set the stage for growth. Our mission includes throwing a scalable business at a big societal problem, so it’s in this spirit that we combine our stores and look forward to the next phase of our evolution. The pace is about to pick up.”

Outside of the Naked Pizza locations, Peter Biro is also a part owner of seven Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurants through Massachusetts Burger Enterprises, LLC.

Both the Brighton and Brookline locations of Naked Pizza have been open for less than a year.