Join the New Orleans Code for America Fellows at Net2NO Tonight

In November of 2011 we shared the news that New Orleans was selected as a 2012 Code for America city.

Since then, the city has been assigned four fellows who are in New Orleans for a few weeks. The fellows are working directly with the Information Technology & Innovation (ITI) office at city hall to determine how their skills can be of the greatest use to the citizens of New Orleans.

Left to right: Amir, Serena, Eddie, and Alex- the 2012 New Orleans Code for America fellows are interviewed by Curry Smith (far right) on Friday, February 3rd, 2012.

The New Orleans fellows above) are software engineers Amir Reavis-Bey and Eddie Tejeda; Alex Pandel, a graphic designer and community organizer; and web developer, Serena Wales. All four fellows currently live full-time in San Francisco.

Net Squared Meetup

The fellows, along with some of the city employees working with them, will be attending Net Squared New Orleans (Net2NO) tonight to discuss their mission, ideas, and potential products they may create. Click here to learn more or RSVP for the event.

The city’s ITI department will also give an update on their progress since last year, review 2012 goals, and share information about several open positions.

Net2NO is a web-tech meetup held the first Tuesday of every month at the 12 Bar on Fulton. We will have a recap of the meeting posted tomorrow for those who are unable to attend (but the networking is the best part, so go!).