The Rules of: Dating an Entrepreneur

This is an anonymous post submitted via Nolavie


As a perpetual single and observer of the social scene in New Orleans, I don’t really discriminate against any potential daters.  Be it doctors, lawyers, or even bartenders, I’ve dated them all, and been equally traumatized by each as well. No matter how ugly the relationship may have been, though, there is a silver lining and lesson learned.

Dating an entrepreneur is no exception, as they are actually one of the most unique types of people to date.  They are self-promoters, kind of eccentric, busy, and sleep deprived. But, they are also committed, passionate, and exciting.  With the ups and downs of this type of relationship, it is important to go into it fully aware.  This leads to todays lesson: the rules of dating an entrepreneur.

Most of my rules come from personal experiences and observations, but I decided to do a quick Google sweep before publishing this post just to make sure I had covered all the rules. What I came across was a guide on ‘How to date an entrepreneur’ that listed rules such as “cook for him and offer him a body message” and “avoid calling too much.”  Clearly, some guy who was looking for a mute slave had written the list.  It’s a clever ploy, I might add, and very characteristic of an entrepreneur to create an innovative solution that would excuse his behavior and help out his fellow entrepreneurs. My rules are a bit different, though, and have no ulterior motive.

(Disclaimer: While the list is written from my point of view, the rules apply to both men and women.)

1.     He’s always hustling. So, mentally prepare yourself, because you are dating someone who will constantly be schmoozing and talking to people about his business regardless of the social situation. To an entrepreneur, everyone is a perspective client, partner, or investor. There’s also a small possibility that he might hit you up for money (but that’s actually only happened to me once.)

However, it just shows that they are very passionate – about their businesses, about their opinions, and about their relationships.  This factor is always a perk in any relationship.

2.     You are girlfriend #2….iPhone is girlfriend #1.  It’s totally normal that he sleeps with his iPhone under his pillow, and checks for new e-mails and tweets in five-minute intervals.

But, fortunately for you, that is less time he is spending sitting at home in front of his computer instead of with you.  So, give iPhone a break, it gives him remote access to everything he needs when spending precious time with you.

3.     Actually, you are girlfriend #3, after iPhone and business partner.

Your significant other’s business partner is very important to him.  Make sure you love his business partner if only because you love your boyfriend, because he may be crashing your dates to discuss last minute business and contracts at some point.

4.     Surprise, you are dating a crazy person!

Then again, how boring would life be without a little excitement in it? And, without people who think outside the box, we would be deprived of so many innovative solutions we use in our every day lives.

5.     Sometimes, a date means going to a brainstorming session or a focus group.

Lives collide for an entrepreneur, but it often means that these sessions come with a few cocktails on the side.

6.     You will own a business by the end of the relationship.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for solutions to everyday problems, even when it’s not their own.  As a result, they always inspire others to think the same way, and often encourage people to turn their interests into business opportunities.

7.     They will smooth talk you into anything.

Entrepreneurs go after what they want, and being able to talk and communicate effectively is part of the role. So, don’t forget that entrepreneurs take smooth talking to a new level sometimes.

8.     Always have back-up plans.

Last minute strategy meetings or conference calls that run longer than expected are the norm, so be patient and make back up plans just in case it happens to encroach on a date night.

9.     Don’t hate the player; hate the game.

Work is life for a new business owner, so don’t take it personally when he works late or breaks plans with you sometimes.  Be patient, because life with him won’t be that way forever, and it always pays off in the end with the passion factor.

10.  They aren’t going to put up with your nonsense.

Entrepreneurs deal with a lot, and know how to prioritize as a result.  Your nagging or trivial gossip is last on the list of priorities, so save it for someone who has enough time on his hands to deal with the petty stuff.