Why are banks getting it wrong when it comes to social media?

Last week I got interviewed by mybanktracker.com about my thoughts on why banks are failing at social media. My response was that not enough banks were using social media as a customer service arm/listening tool and that they should really take a lesson from airlines.

Wondering what excellent Twitter support by an airline looks like? Check this out:

Zachary Ehrlich, (who removed all of the curse words from my quotes) also noted that some banks have created multiple handles by region while others by department – which, at the end of the day can get really confusing for the customer. I just want to tweet @Chase and have my problems solved!

I also talked about how underwhelmed I’ve been with Chase’s social media campaigns (and lack of Twitter presence), especially since they’re so advanced in other digital arenas (I can deposit a check from my iPhone and send money directly and instantly with another Chase customer’s email address)!

So then this happened:


Late to the party indeed. The roll out handles include @ChaseNews (who cares) and @ChaseSupport (which might be useful) but more importantly – what are they going to do about this guy?


And honestly I don’t even have words for this: