Clrme, Monamee, Siftpro, Shopcurl, Scoringo: The Louisiana Startup Bus Companies

So, here is the full list of startups to come out of this year’s Louisiana Startupbus.


We also got word that, out of all the companies in the entire Startupbus competition, Scoringo made the finals!  They will now compete against seven other companies today at the Austin Hilton.   Full descriptions and videos of the Louisiana companies below.

The startups are:


“Where do you normally get honest feedback on you as a person?  Feedback on how you perform in your personal, work, and love life?  Most people rely on friends and family, but based on our research, there are still many things that people hold back on when it comes to giving honest feedback.  So what’s the solution?

Introducing clear me: Get a fresh perspective on your life through private, anonymous feedback from the people you know.  We make it simple and easy to give and anonymous private feedback from the people you know.  Many people have habits that get on people’s nerves or areas where they can improve their life.  We make it possible for people to discover this in a private manner.”




Monamee provides a mobile platform that uses avatars to influence user behavior.

Accountability and incentives built in to an avatar environment, such as in the Wii, have proven to influence behavior. A virtually untapped application for this is the healthcare industry, in which companies constantly look for ways to lower their overall costs by encouraging patients to maintain healthy lifestyles.




Shopcurl has developed an incentivized Twitter based customer referral program to help brick and mortar businesses effortlessly gain new and loyal customers by using Klout influence scores to enhance their customer acquisition model and minimize costs.

Brick and mortar businesses will offer customers purchase incentives in return for mentioning the business on Twitter. This does not require the customer to download a mobile application, only to use their twitter client of choice.  The customer will include a unique hashtag in their tweet that Shopcurl will track for the business.  Shopcurl will then reply to the customer with a confirmation tweet that the customer will show to the business employee.  The customer will receive their rewarded incentive at the time of purchase.  The Shopcurl business model is based off of each individual customer’s Klout score and overall influence.  Tweets sent out by more influential customers will result in a higher cost per tweet.  Detailed analytics will show a number of metrics including the business’s average customer acquisition cost and the average influence reach of each customer.



Siftpro – Keeping bad tweets off the street, yo.

The vision is to provide individuals responsible for the care of others with an easy way to stop high risk tweets BEFORE they hit the web

Why do you need Sift Pro? Let’s face it, what you put on the Internet is there, and like a bad case of herpes, bad tweets are there forever. At Sift Pro we want to keep your Twitter herpes off of your followers’ feeds. We understand that the stuff you post on twitter is important to your followers and your reputation. Protect your tweets and your reputation with Sift Pro.

How does Sift Pro work?  Sift Pro works like your own personal editor by filtering out the bad tweets before they hit your feed. Simply use our app as your twitter client and our intuitive software will alert you when one of your tweets is offensive in some way.




Scoringo is a edge of your seat, live sports bingo game that allows users to Interact with friends during their favorite sporting event like never before. SCORINGO!!!