Downtown Development District of New Orleans Seeks Nominations for Downtown Awards

The Downtown Development District of New Orleans (DDD) has created the Downtown Awards to recognize the great accomplishments of DowntownNOLA property owners, businesses, residents, workers and organizations. Everyone has put in tremendous efforts to get downtown back up and running with a unique and creative vibe in the last few years and the DDD wants to honor the people and places that make it possible.

The DDD’s Downtown Awards Committee is accepting nominations from now until 5pm on Monday, March 26th. Any of the aforementioned people or places with a connection to downtown (property owners, businesses, residents, workers, or organizations) are eligible to win one of the awards. There are 15 award categories including: Innovator of the Year, Inspiration Award, Best Development Project, and Best Kept Secret.

Evaluation Criteria:

Raising the Bar: establishing a high standard of excellence
Innovation: a novel and creative approach
Place-­‐making: working with enhancing or expanding the existing design and other assets of Downtown
Collaboration: promotes collaboration with Industries of the Mind and/or between public and private partners
Branding: Integrates and amplifies the downtown NOLA brand

For more categories or information regarding scoring or the nomination process, download the 2012 Downtown Awards guide.