Louisiana’s First “Real Life” App Store Comes To New Orleans

Louisiana’s first  “brick and mortar” store for Apple® and Android smart device applications is opening its doors in New Orleans. Visitors to the new myPhoneApp Store, located at 1821 Magazine Street, will now have the opportunity to download, test and play any app of their choosing on in-store devices. The testing is free of charge, and smart device users can also tap into guidance from mobile technology experts.


This app store is the brainchild of myPhoneMD founders Jeff Lyons and Conrad Green, a national smart device repair chain founded in Louisiana. The store’s primary focus will be on mobile applications created by local developers based in New Orleans.“Many of the nation’s best app developers are right here in New Orleans and we want to help share their phenomenal work,” said Jeff Lyons, co-founder of myPhoneMD and visionary behind the brand’s real life app store.


“Like bookstores, we want to give our customers the chance to try before they buy.”Hesitant consumers, unsure if they should purchase a new application for their smart device, can now breathe easier. The myPhoneApp Store, located within myPhoneMD New Orleans, aims to create an interactive, social atmosphere that reduces buyer’s remorse, eliminates anxiety that comes with learning new technology and connects users with free expert advice. To give the real life store even greater appeal, it will concentrate on raising awareness for the growing local developer community by keeping the public up-to-date on their latest creations and other local applications.


Located at 1821 Magazine Street, the myPhoneApp Store will give local consumers greater access to increasingly popular online app distributors such as Apple’sApp Store® and Google’s Android Market. Here, users will have the opportunity to test out full versions of smartphone and tablet applications before purchasing them. Easy WiFi accessibility and open seating are available for consumers at the new App Store.

Local award winning app developers such as Ben Jacobson, co-founder of the App PollBob, will showcase their latest creations at the myPhoneApp Store. Also, applications designed specifically for the local market will be on display, including: The sports app from PlayNOLA, the premier sports and social club in New Orleans; the Geaux Tigers LSU Football app; the Garden District Historic Mobile Tour app; and the Offbeat New Orleans Mobile app.