American Express Gets Social with Your Purchases

Last week, American Express started rolling out their new campaign that incentivizes card members with deals and discounts when they use a special hashtag to tweet at certain businesses.

The concept is fairly cut and dry – synch your Twiter account when you log into your American Express account, tweet #AmexWholeFoods (or the name of whatever business you are tweeting to) and get a discount on your next purchase. This discount automatically applies when your card is swiped.

I talked to a few friends with Amex cards and apparently the program hasn’t been fully rolled out yet, but I was able to synch my Jet Blue Amex this week and noticed there was a similar deals/inscentives program via Facebook. The Facebook deals require no special posting – just add the deal to your cart and it’s applied when you swipe your card.

Some of the initial companies participating in Amex’s new incentive program are Whole Foods, FedEx, Cheesecake Factory, H&M, and Century 21 – but look for this to multiply shortly after the official rollout.