Facebook Interests: The ultimate news feed filter

Ever wish you could apply a magical filter to Facebook so that you could see exactly what you wanted to see without having to “hide” or “show most updates” on individual profiles?


(I know, I’m really excited too.)

Basically, Facebook Interests works a lot like Twitter lists. You create a new list, select the people, brands or companies that you want to appear in that list, give it a name and then save. Aaaaaand you’re done.

Facebook Interests lives to the bottom left of your news feed sidebar (right below all of your pages, groups, etc.), so any time you want to view a particular list, just click it and only the content from that list will appear in your news feed.


It doesn’t look like there’s a limit to how many lists you can add, but I suggest keeping it simple. Lists can be public or private, and if it’s public, others can follow your list as well.

If you are a brand on Facebook – this could mean amazing things for you – lots of new eyes on your page and the potential of a list you’re included on really becoming popular. The bad news: There may not be great ways for your social media manager to track the impact of this just yet.