Is your business on Pinterest?

You’ve already heard all the buzz about Pinterest and how your mom spends 5 hours a day repinning home and garden photos and the latest Rachael Ray recipes, but have you considered incorporating it into your business’s social campaigns?

No, it’s not going to replace Facebook or Twitter but in some cases I think it could be much more powerful than either when it comes to direct online sales and community building. And it’s only going to get bigger, according to Lauren McCabe, Director of Social Media at Peter Mayer.


Because people scan Pinterest differently than Facebook and/or Twitter. Since it’s all visual, it’s all about what catches your eye and since it’s photo board based, there’s definitely a sense of claiming something as your own (by pinning it to your board).


  • Go to: and request an invite.
  • Wait for your acceptance email
  • Sign in with Twitter NOT Facebook. Here’s why:

Pinterest allows you to sign up with a Facebook profile (as a person) or a Twitter account. Fan pages aren’t eligible. What that means is that you should use your brand’s Twitter account so that you can actually interact on Pinterest AS your brand instead of yourself.