Filter before you unfriend: how to not be a jerk

Last week I unfriended someone on Facebook because they sent me too many event invites…seriously – like 4 at a time, every other day. He’s a nice guy and I see him around every now and then so I wanted to use this as a last resort but couldn’t figure out how to block JUST event invites from JUST him. I even asked my Facebook friends about it.

After I posted this, my phone buzzed with two more even requests within the hour so I was getting a little annoyed. You’d think these options are in the individual friend settings where you control how they show up on your live feed but that’s not the case. Defeated, I just clicked “unfriend” and felt like an asshole.

Then Michelle Hebert left this comment on my wall:

Hey lady:
Privacy settings, all the way down to manage blocking, block invites from:

So there ya go. That’s how to block event requests from individual people and thus filter your notifications without being a total jerk like me. You’re welcome.