Enviroguard Technologies Unveils Security Device to Protect Against Rash of Nationwide Fuel Thefts

Gas prices continue to climb and fuel theft has gone beyond simple gas siphoning of cars to removal from gas stations, where the underground storage tanks are unlocked and unsecured.

Baton Rouge-based Enviroguard Technologies announced today the introduction of a new anti-terrorism security device, which offers a barrier between thieves, terrorists, and unauthorized access to underground fuel storage tanks and sub-surface openings.

“After ten years of research and development we have successfully tested and installed the security device in several locations to protect gas stations from fuel theft,” said Brad BonGiovanni, Principal at Enviroguard Technologies.

Enviroguard Technologies holds two US Patents that provide the group the exclusive right to develop technology that can be retrofitted to gasoline fill ports, which currently are unsecured at gas stations across the United States. The security device can also be utilized for other anti-terrorism applications such as manhole covers, ground water monitoring wells and existing critical infrastructure sub-surface ground openings. The security device is designed to prevent access to these vulnerable access points by locking and securing entry into these areas.

“We manufacture the security devices from high strength steel, aluminum and composite materials in order to provide varying levels of security.¬†Lock configurations are almost limitless based on the specific application,” said Shawn Funderburk, Principal at Enviroguard Technologies.

The security devices, born out of anti-terrorism R&D, set out to reduce the possibility of a biological attack on our nation’s groundwater supply, access into underground infrastructure, and access to gasoline in underground storage tanks at gas stations and truck stops across the country.

“We are currently in talks with several firms as potential industry stakeholders and partners who will provide for mass rollout of the security devices, thus providing U.S. citizens the security and protection they expect,” said BonGiovanni.