Download These 5 Social Apps for Festival Season

Spring is in the air, and outdoor festivals are lined up for the next several weeks including French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, Festival Internationale….the list goes on and on! Stay savvy (and social) this festival season with these 5 apps that help you find your friends, be in the know and capture/share your experience.

1. INSTAGRAM – photo sharing
Because festival photos just look better with cool filters. Instagram is it’s own social platform where you can follow others and be followed, and you can share photos within this platform and/or send them to Facebook/Twitter.
cost to download: free
recommended by @IntricateSimple

2. GLYMPSE – finding your friends
Glympse is a lot like “Find my Friends” and other geolocation apps that let you find people and vice versa if you’ve added them to your list. The thing that makes it unique is that you can set a specific time limit for how long people can see you. Post-festival, this is also the best location app for business since clients and coworkers can access you through a Glympse weblink and don’t have to have the app.
cost to download: free
recommended by @TungLy

3. FOURSQUARE – checkins + friend finding (turn geolocation on)
Check in at different stages and landmarks so that your friends at the festival can find you and your friends sitting at home on Twitter can be jealous of how much fun you’re having. Foursquare also allows you to upload pics with checkins.
cost to download: free
recommended by @Ouroboring

4. iMotionHD – stop motion video + instant youtube uploads
Use this app to remember the best part of your favorite performance and share it with others.
cost to download: free to download, $1.99 to be able to export
recommended by @aroadscholar

5. The actual app for the festival you are attending
It’s becoming more and more common place for festivals to have their own app – usually a map of the space and overview of the lineup, performance and event times, etc. Download this (and all apps) BEFORE you get down to the event; you never know what your signal will be like once you’re there. Chances are it’s going to suck.

Something Taylor thinks you should remove from your phone: HIGHLIGHT. Why?

If you’re planning on getting very social with your smart phone at an all day festival, you should also consider a portable USB battery pack for recharging.