BR Walls Project Surpasses Fundraising Goal with Pledge from Raising Cane’s

Todd Graves of Raising Cane’s has pledged to fund an entire wall on behalf of Cane’s as long as the rest of the community helps the Baton Rouge Walls Project reach the $25,000 goal. A deadline to reach $25,000 was set for tomorrow April 26 at 6:30 pm. As of now, with 32 hours to go, $30,639 has been raised by over 370 backers, meaning Graves’ funding will happen. The Cane’s pledge will hopefully inspire other individuals and corporations to get behind the Project before the deadline hits.

“I always get excited to be involved with BTR community activist like Kathryn and Casey. We are thrilled to see such an exciting project come to life in our hometown,” says Graves. “Artists, community leaders and businesses are working together to beautify Baton Rouge and the Crew at Cane‟s is proud to be a part of that progress.”

The goal of the Baton Rouge Walls Project is to promote creativity and economic growth by having artists paint landmark walls throughout downtown. Supporters and organizers are using the slogan, “Commerce Creates Art, Art Creates Commerce,” to show that an idea as simple as painting walls in Baton Rouge can stimulate the economy and build a greater general and artistic community.

Interested artists have from now until April 30th to submit their work online at BR Walls Project.  Winners will be announced on May 1st and will be selected by a jury of fellow artists and directors of local museums.

Anyone interested in making a donation, with pledges starting at $1.00 increasing up to $10,000 or more, can visit the Project’s Kickstarter campaign to do so.

More information about BR Walls Project can be found on Twitter, Facebook, or their website.