GNO Inc. Seeks Proposals for WorkNOLA Redesign

Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.) has sent out a request for proposals for a website redesign. The organization took over control of the employment listing website in April of last year, and is currently looking for an experienced website design firm to redesign, develop, implement, and provide hosting and maintenance services for The organization is looking for proposals with ideas for a new visual layout as well as enhanced features to make the simple but comprehensive no-cost employment resource greater. Proposals are due May 16, 2012.

The current website features employment listings from a variety of industries, but lacks key visual and design functions that GNO, Inc. hopes to improve within the next year. The organization wants to be able to show off the New Orleans area and use the site as a marketing tool to promote the region as a hub for digital services. The selected proposal should keep in mind key improvements including account management, site administration, functionality, and visual enhancements.

The website should meet the following criteria: 

  • Visually appealing layout that functions in desktop, laptop, and mobile environments. should feature a very obvious ‘New Orleans’ look.
  • Easily updated CMS from the front-end and back-end for greater control over listings and accounts by applicants, employers, and GNO, Inc. administrators.
  • Ability to accept a full range of resume formats for uploads by applicants, added ability to store more than one cover letter.
  • Site should be easily upgradeable.

This is an open and competitive process. A full list of proposal requirements and more information about the redesign can be found on the request for proposals page. Questions can be sent to