Launch Pad Ignition Company Brings Trivia Night to Mobile

Red Ticket Games has recently launched ExpertTrivia for iOS. The social, completely interactive game for mobile provides a brand new experience to trivia fans and mobile users by combining user-generated content with a social and user-friendly interface that brings friends together in a battle of the brains. Players can formulate their own topics and questions to challenge their friends and foes with obscure or mainstream questions that will challenge even the most adept trivia aficionado. ExpertTrivia is available as a free download from the iTunes AppStore.

“Red Tickets Games puts people first in our games. We create mobile games that bring people together and make lasting memories like play is meant to do,” said Barrett Conrad, CEO of Red Ticket Games “ExpertTrivia is our answer to what a trivia game should – and can – be on mobile today.”

Red Ticket Games is one of the Launch Pad Ignition companies this year, pitching today along with six other companies at Launch Fest. Conrad explained the greater success he will achieve through the program,”Ignition has been amazing. I thought I knew about my business when I started the program, but now I really feel like I understand it in a way that will make it successful.”

About ExpertTrivia:

In ExpertTrivia players can challenge friends, family or foes to group play stand-offs. Players start by choosing a topic and inviting players to join a game by entering their ExpertTrivia nickname or email. During each turn, a player asks a trivia question. Other players receive notification on their phones and answer when ready. When everyone has answered, the next player gets a turn to ask. Each correct answer wins 200 points and a bonus of 25 points is awarded for being the first to answer a question correctly or the fastest. Additional help is offered for times when brainpower fails in the form of a Power Pack, which can be purchased in-game for $1.99. The Power Pack contains three Powerups, which include Additional Time, ½ and ½ (half of the wrong answers are removed), and a Take Back, which allows players to re-think a tough question after they’ve already answered.

“The idea for ExpertTrivia is a few years old, but I never really got it moving,” Conrad shared. “I thought Ignition would be a great way to force a timeline on myself and get the benefits of an accelerator at the same time. Now that we launched the day before LaunchFest it feels like it all worked out exactly like it was supposed to. I’m really excited to pitch tomorrow, because I’m more confident in the product and business than ever before.”

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