Why I’m Downloading Google Drive Right Now

Google Drive is the newest cloud-based storage platform that works a lot like Dropbox. If you have no idea what cloud-based storage is, read this and then choose a platform and get started before you lose all your data and end up crying for days.

Chances are, you’re already using Dropbox. Me too – and I love it. Literally every document, photo, video etc. that I own is in my Dropbox and I’m comfortable in knowing that it is safe and I can access it at any time. I even use the iPhone and iPad apps pretty religiously for everything from pulling photos on the go to looking at recipes to finding my EIN.

So why would I want to switch from something I’m super happy with to Google’s new attempt at distracting us from the fact that Google+ is failing? Because I’m into simplicity.

My business runs on Google Apps. We use Gmail, Google Calendar and Julia and I primarily communicate and collaborate via Google Docs and Insight.ly (an add on app).  The only disconnect is that some of my content is stored in Google Docs and everything else is in Dropbox. What if I could synch this all up? IT’S LIKE THE HOLY EFFING GRAIL OF FILE ORGANIZATION!

The downside: currently there’s only an Android app for Google Drive and I’m all Apple all the time. I’m holding out the faith that they get this done stat, though. In the mean time, I’m getting acquainted with the system and how it works. Hopefully they also add an affiliate program (like Dropbox has where you refer people and get extra space every time someone signs up).

You  should definitely use Google Drive if:

  • You use all Google Apps
  • You have an Android phone

You might want to skip it if:

  • You use an email account other than Gmail
  • You’re already in love with Dropbox and it rocks your world